We are fully aware of all past and present regulations regarding The Lacey Act , which protects rainforests and its species from illegally sourced wood products; and operate in full compliance of such.



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Brazilian Hardwood Flooring
Reliability. Durability. Quality

For over 18 years, Brazfloor has set the standard in the flooring industry by providing a product that embodies craftsmanship, quality and enduring beauty. At Brazfloor, we take pride in delivering exotic hardwood flooring products that are both exquisite and affordable. Brazfloor is the world's leading supplier of high grade, durable Brazilian hardwood.

Brazfloor works extensively within the hardwood industry, providing a broad assortment of products and services. Industry experts know that Brazfloor provides fine Brazilian hardwood that can be used for..

Unfinished Solid Hardwood Flooring (Distributors only)
Decking (Direct sale)

Brazfloor is the distributor's direct source for all hardwood flooring needs. We produce and supply all of our own products and proudly serve markets in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Japan, South Korea and China, by regional distributors.

Our primary product is Brazilian Cherry Flooring 3/4" Solid, including numerous other species.

Brazfloor's selection of tropical hardwood is unmatched in the industry, we are proud to offer a distinct selection of wood species that include.

  • Brazilian Cherry Flooring , Jatoba
  • Brazilian Chestnut Flooring , Sucupira
  • Brazilian Teak Flooring , Cumaru
  • Tigerwood Flooring , Muiracatiara
  • Brazilian Walnut Flooring , Ipe

Try our Ipe Decking, garantee of quality and low price.

Brazfloor is up-to-date with the most current technology in the business and strives to bring a product of foremost excellence to its clients. We place special care and consideration in the cultivation and production of our wood as well.
Brazfloor - the distributor's source for quality hardwood flooring and hardwood products.