Transform you outdoor area into a magnificent outdoor living space with an exotic wood deck. Wood decking can be used for your balconies, patios, porches, courtyards and even for ceilings and walls. Add a matching interior wood floor to flow from indoors to the outdoors.  Weather, rot and insect resistance makes it ideal for exterior use. Long lasting and durable, it’s a practical choice for your outdoor addition, whether making a cozy porch or a public beach front board walk. Easy to keep clean and low maintenance adds to its natural beauty.

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Scientific Name: Tabebuia Serratifolia
Brazilian Name: Ipe

Ipe`, or Brazilian Walnut, is one of the most dense and stunning exotic hardwoods available on the market. With a hardness that is three times that of oak, Ipe` is extremely durable and heavy. The grains are full of ipei`na- or yellow to greenish deposits, which create striations or yellow powder on the wood. Additionally, it appears to have an oily patina; turning to a beautifully silver, especially in decking.

Its surface is smooth without splinters or knots, and resists scratching. Architects and engineers prefer to work with Brazilian Walnut as it is exceptionally fire, pest, and weather resistant; maintaining such resistance for a minimum of 25 years, making a great choice for outdoor decks.

Brazilian Walnut- Ipe - is available in Flooring Prefinished and Unfinished Solid construction, also Ipe is available in Decking and Lumber form.

Installation: Pre-drilling may be required.


 S4S E4E KD or AD FAS 8' to 18'


  • 1 (3/4")  x 6 (5-1/2")  = 2.20 LF per sq ft
  • 1 (3/4")  x 4 (3-1/2")  = 3.43 LF per sq ft


  • 5/4 (4/4")  x 6 (5-1/2")  = 2.20 LF per sq ft
  • 5/4 (4/4")  x 4 (3-1/2")  = 3.43 LF per sq ft


Dimensional Stability:Average (8.0; 7% more stable than Northern red oak).

4 lb. / sq ft
Hardness = 3680 Janka Rating
Bending Strength = 22380 psi
Density = 35 lbs/ cubic ft
Weight = 70 lbs/ cubic ft
Fire Rating Class NFPA = A
Resistance to Termites = Very High
Resistance to Decay = 25 years plus